Black Thalia Dusk Aroma Diffuser with multiple Settings

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Experience the ultimate well-being with our Thalia Aroma Diffuser, merging style trends with tranquillity.

Its sleek, modern design conceals advanced whisper-quiet technology, releasing a soothing mist for up to 8 hours.

Customize your atmosphere with three mist settings - low, high, or intermittent.

This mini-humidifier elevates air quality while its auto shut-off ensures safety.

Its advanced technology provides a long-lasting and safe aromatic experience that will fill the air therapeutic essential oils.

The neutral, soft sand colour ensures it fits your décor, even your bedroom; where it is the ultimate sleep aid when paired with a sleep inducing oil.

Revitalise your senses and create a serene space with Thalia.


Transform your home into a haven of relaxation with the Thalia aroma diffuser.

Designed to elevate your well-being, it’s stylish shape and on-trend colours offer home décor with scent.

Using whisper-quiet technology, it discreetly disperses fragrance and a humidifying mist without heat or smoke.

Embrace the beauty of Thalia and revitalize your senses

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