Biodose - The only monitored dosage system on the market to accommodate liquid and solid medication

At City Pharmacy, we supply all regular medicines to residential facilities using the Biodose monitored dosage system. Biodose is the only system on the market to accommodate both liquid and solid medication.

Biodose is an award winning, first in class product, far superior to traditional blister packs and with countless benefits over commonly used pouch type dosage systems. Built in Biomaster technology also helps prevent against MRSA. The ease and functionality of the Biodose system ensures that medication rounds are carried out in the most efficient manner possible, reducing round times and minimising the risk of administration errors.

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How Does Biodose Work?

With Biodose, the resident's medication is supplied in robust, heat sealed trays which are easily stored in custom made trolleys. Each pod within a tray contains the medication for a particular round including the name of all tablets within the pod, the resident's name and the date and time to be given

Every pod is pre-sealed into the tray and can be easily removed from the tray without affecting the individual tamper-evident pod seal. Trays can be supplied on either a weekly or monthly basis, depending on each care facilities preference. At the end of each cycle the empty trays are simply returned to the pharmacy and re-cycled, making Biodose the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

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