Veet - Wax Strips With Easy-Gel - Normal Skin - Body & Legs (20 Wax Strips + 2 Finish Wipes)

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Gel formula with Easy-Gel™ flows around and actively grips the shortest hairs, not the skin. It gives the confidence to achieve great first-time results, even for those inexperienced with wax strips. Enjoy the pleasant gel texture on the skin, delightful aroma and beautiful colour. Specially formulated with Shea Butter, known for its moisturising properties and fragranced with Acai Berry to suit normal skin.

  • Up to 28 days of smoothness
  • Exfoliated and moisturised skin
  • Enough for 2 depilations of both half legs
  • Moisturising with Shea Butter and Acai Berries scent
  • Included: 10 x 2 Wax Strips, 4 Perfect Finish Wipes
  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Adult

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