Revlon Uniq One Lotus Hair Treatment 150 ml

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Conditioner spray without rinsing. Ideal for daily use
A soft, floral fragrance inspired by the delicate scent of the lotus flower, with fresh, exquisite notes that evoke a sense of purity and deep care.

The UniqOne hair treatment is a spray mask that offers 10 real benefits for your hair.

1. Repair dry and damaged hair.

2. Shine and frizz control.

3. Thermal protection.

4. Softness and silkiness.

5. Colour protection with UVA and UVB filters.

6. Facilitates combing and ironing.

7. Surprising detangling effect.

8. Keeps your hairstyle longer.

9. Prevents split ends.

10. Provides body and volume.

Mode of use:

Wet hair:

- Spray from a distance of 20 cm (for short hair 6-8 applications, medium 7-12 applications, long 10-15 applications).

Dry hair:

- Rub the product in your hands and apply it in the middle of its length (short hair 2-3 applications, medium 5-7 applications, long 4-6 applications).

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