Medigauze Non-Sterile Gauze Swabs 10 x 10cm - 100Pk

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Medigauze Non-Sterile Gauze Swabs 10 x 10cm are crafted from pre-washed, fluff-dried 100% woven gauze with a unique crinkle-weave pattern for superior loft and bulk. These swabs offer fast-wicking action, superior aeration, and excellent absorbency. Finished edges minimize loose ends and lint, reducing the risk of wound contamination and granulomas.

Each 8-ply swab is perfect for use as a primary or secondary dressing, providing increased bulk, cushioning, and conformability. Ideal for bandaging heads, limbs, and difficult-to-dress wounds, including burns, plastic, and orthopedic wounds. The pack contains 100 pieces. Available at City Pharmacy!

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