La Roche-Posay Lipikar Cleansing Bar 150g

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Dry, sensitive skin deserves extra gentle care – so trust the old classic of a bar soap. La Roche-Posay Lipikar Surgras gently cleans the skin of your entire body, soothes irritation and prevents dehydration. It also provides essential lipids to promote your skin’s natural protective barrier.

The Lipikar Surgras physiological soap leaves your skin perfectly clean, nourished, protected and softer than ever before. Its active ingredients enhance the skin barrier and reduce unpleasant tightness of the skin.

  • gently cleans your skin without making it dry
  • helps restore skin barrier and soothes tightness
  • respects the natural protective film of your skin
  • soothes irritation and helps protect your skin from the drying effects of water
  • restores elasticity and comfort
  • suitable for children as well as adult


  • niacinamide – helps restore skin barrier and reduces sensations of tightness
  • shea butter – intensely nourishes the skin, restoring its elasticity and comfort

Apply to damp skin, massage gently and then rinse off.

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