Garnier Olia Midnight Hair Colour 2.0 (Black Diamond)

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Maximum Colour Performance.

For the first time in home colour, oil does more than condition, it boosts the colouring process. Garnier Olia Oil-Powered Permanent Hair Colour is the first oil-powered permanent home hair colour that contains 60% oils with natural flower oils and no ammonia for a pleasant scent.

The drop-shaped bottle fits perfectly into the palm of the hand, allowing for controlled application. Garnier Olia Oil-Powered Permanent Hair Colour gives your hair a velvety cream texture and a luxurious subtle scent.

Each pack of Garnier Olia Oil-Powered Permanent Hair Colour contains:
- 1 Tube of Developer Cream.
- 1 Tube of Colourant Cream.
- The Olia Jar, the Olia Applicator.
- 1 Tube of Silk & Shine Multi-Application Conditioner.
- 1 Pair of gloves, 1 instruction leaflet.

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