Compeed Sports Heel Blister Plasters (5)

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Sports Heel Blister Plasters x 5

Compeed Sport Medium Blister Plasters are second-skin healing plasters for blisters that instantly relieve the pain and help to accelerate the process. The hydrocolloid technology is able to absorb moisture from the blister, keeping the surrounding environment perfect for maximum healing. Thanks to its honeycomb structure, these plasters offer 20% more cushioning than the normal ones, preventing rubbing and protecting the healing skin. These plasters stay in place for several days.


  • 20% extra cushioning when compared to the normal Compeed Plasters;
  • Stays in place for several days;
  • Accelerates the healing process and keeps the area dry;
  • Immediately relieves the pain;
  • Protects against rubbing.

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