Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse 150ml - Medium

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This revolutionary Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan Mousse has been developed with hi-tech accelerating ingredients for a quick, beautiful and natural looking tan, in just 1 hour.The floral scented tan can be used on both your face and body, as the moisturising ingredients are kind to your skin. 

After rinsing Cocoa Brown 1 Hour tan off, your tan will continue to develop into a natural Cocoa Brown tan for up to 3 hours and lasts from 5-7 days. You can achieve a deeper, rich cocoa brown tan by leaving the product on your skin for 3 hours before
rinsing it off.

Cocoa Brown contains natural extracts of the deliciously scented Tahitian Gardinia, which leaves a subtle floral fragrance on the skin. It was formulated to be suitable to all skin types, particularly dry/sensitive skin and contains the highest grade of vegetable derived DHA (tanning agent) not the synthetically produced kind.

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