Vegan DHA (minami) formula

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Vegan DHA (minami) formula plus astaxanthin supercritical omega-3 (from algae oil)  gluten free. lactose free.

DHA supports normal brain and vision function.

100% vegatarian DHA for adults

One softgel of  'MINIMI vegan DHA' provides 250mg of DHA next to 250mg of high quality fomega-3 fatty acids and high quality astaxanthin 250mg. A daily portion of EPA/DHA also helps maintain the normal function of the heart.

For adults one soft gel a day, with food.

For pregnant and breastfeeding women; DHA maternal intake supports eye and brain development in the foetus and breastfed infant.A beneficial effect is obtained if pregnant and lactating women consume 200mg DHA per day on top of the recommended daily intake of 250mg EPA+DHA for adults.

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