Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Softening Shampoo Bar For Sensitive Scalp & Fragile Hair 60G

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Discover the full range of new Shampoo Bars from Garnier Ultimate Blends, the zero waste and no plastic shampoo that cares for hair and reduces plastic.


Delicate Oat for Sensitive Scalp & Fragile Hair - Vegan

Ginger Recovery for Weak, Dull Hair - Vegan

Coconut Aloe Vera for Normal Hair - Vegan

Honey Treasures for Damaged Hair, Prone to Breakage - NOT Vegan

Join the shampoo revolution and try Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Softening Shampoo Bar suitable for a Sensitive Scalp & Fragile Hair. Our Delicate Oat Solid Shampoo Bar is blended in a gentle recipe, with sustainably sourced ingredients, including Oat Milk & Rice Cream to nourish & soften hair. Our Softening Shampoo Bar is a 100% vegan formula*. The 97% biodegradable formula leaves hair nourished, shiny and healthy-looking!  Discover more of the Garnier Ultimate Blends range and try our Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Conditioner for a Sensitive Scalp & Fragile Hair.  *No animal derived ingredients or by-products. 

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