The Seoulista Fresh Skin Facial Mist

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The Seoulista Fresh Skin Facial Mist (50ml) is designed to help calm, soothe skin irritation and redness, and hydrate the skin. Ideal for those who find masks can irritate their skin!  

Packed full of antioxidants and soothers, this mist works to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin’s barrier throughout the day, with ingredients including centella asiatica and panthenol.  


  • Hoomans experiencing “maskne” or mask-related irritation  
  • Hoomans looking for topical skin hydration throughout the day  
  • Hoomans looking for a dose of soothing  



  • Centella asiatica: known as cica or tiger grass, super-soothing botanical 
  • Panthenol: provitamin B5, hydrating & moisturising 
  • Hibiscus extract & blueberry extract: protective antioxidants that work to inhibit acne bacteria 
  • Trehalose: sugar that naturally occurs in fungi, bacteria & plants, protective 
  • Adenosine: derived from yeast, soothing & restorative  



Hold at arm’s length and spray evenly across the face, neck and chest whenever you like – before your skincare routine, after and throughout the day.  


Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free

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