Spotlight Teeth White Strips

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Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips contain the powerful ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide, which effectively whitens and brightens your smile. This box comes with 14 whitening strips, each strip should be left on your teeth for 1 hour a day, for instant results choose
Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips.

Benefits and Features:
Contains Hydrogen Peroxide
Comes with 28 Whitening Strips (14 top/14 bottom)
Instant Results in just 1 hour
Designed for home use

How to Use:
-Open up the foil packet of the whitening strips, in each packet there will be a whitening strip for you top and bottom teeth
-Always dry the teeth before each use
-Place the whitening strips onto the bottom teeth, then proceed to place the whitening strip onto the top layer of your teeth
-Leave the strips for one hour
-After one hour remove the strips and rinse away any left over gel
-Repeat this process everyday fro 2 weeks to reveal a brighter smile

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