Nicorette Invisi Extra Strength 25mg/16 hours Transdermal Patch 7Pk

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Nicorette Invisi Extra Strength 25mg/16 hours Transdermal Patch 7Pk

For the treatment of tobacco dependence by relieving nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms, thereby facilitating smoking cessation in smokers motivated to quit.

Experience with the treatment of nicotine dependence shows that success rates are improved if patients also receive support therapy and counseling.

Nicorette Invisi Patch should not be used concurrently with any other nicotine products and patients must stop smoking completely when starting treatment.

The patch should be applied to an intact area of the skin upon waking up in the morning and removed at bedtime.

Patch treatment mimics the fluctuations of nicotine over the day in smokers, with no nicotine administration during sleep.

Daytime nicotine patch treatment does not give the nicotine-induced sleep disturbances seen with nicotine administration during sleep.

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