New Vision Skincare - Smooth & Silky heel balm - Intensive Foot Care

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Smooth & Silky intensive foot cream is enriched with natural and beneficial ingredients for effective treatment of dry and cracked skin, like the name suggests will leave your skin ‘Smooth & Silky’

Shea Butter  contains essential fatty acids, Vitamin A,E and F which soothe, protect and retain moisture and elasticity in the skin

Olive Oil  has great anti aging properties, rejuvenates & moisturizes skin and prevents internal moisture loss

Wheat Germ Oil  natural emollient, high in Vitamin E softens very cracked and dehydrated skin

Panthenol  (Pro Vit.B-5)) nourishes and heals dry skin

Fast acting – noticeable results after first use
Concentrated – a little goes a long way
Dermatologically tested
Natural ingredients

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