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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra 8 Mist 100ml


An instant light and easy-to-use moisturizer to bring comfort, soothing and repairing. Skin is +68% more hydrated at 30 minutes after application and last for up to 24 hours.

An instant light moisturizer
A skincare to apply during the day for comfort
High tolerance product / minimalist formulas
A light and easy-to-use skincare
On-the-go hydration, even on top of make-up
For after shaving
During a flight, in an air-conditioned environment
During high temperature peaks

Directions for use:
Spray at a minimum distance of 15 cm.
Close the eyes and the mouth during the application.
Do not intentionally inhale.
Wipe away excess product from the eyes and mouth.
In case of irritation of the eyes, rinse immediately with water and avoid spraying later.

Toleriane Ultra 8 can be used as part of your daily care routine - Day and Night
Can be used combined with your existing daily care products
On-The-Go; Used as the Ultimate anti-discomfort relief