BBlonde Maximum Highlighting Kit No. 1 (For Light to Dark Brown Hair)

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Maximum Highlighting Kit
Professionally formulated with avocado oil and seaweed extract to help protect and condition hair whilst creating professional maximum blonding results. Complete with ultra-clarifying conditioning shampoo to thoroughly cleanse and condition, leaving hair soft and shiny.
Created using the highest quality ingredients that protect and condition during the lightening and colouring process. You can expect unrivalled lift of up to 8-9 shades. This Maximum Highlighting Kit works exceptionally well on light to dark brown hair, with professional results.

Colour Results
From your natural colour you can achieve...
Light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black - results will appear significantly different to that of the model on the pack
The colour achieved will depend on your natural hair colour and can be influenced by the condition of hair, previous colour, porosity and length of hair.
For light to dark brown hair, Permanent lightener, Professional results, Lifts up to 8-9 shades, Formulated with avocado oil for enhanced hydration and shine, No.1 maximum blonde
preparation and usage
Also Needed
Timer or watch
Old towel to protect skin, clothing and surfaces
Cotton wool buds
Petroleum jelly
If hair is particularly thick, or longer than shoulder length, you may require two packs of Jerome Russell Bblonde ™ Maximum Highlighting Kit - No.1.

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