Eco Lab Spirigel Hospital Grade Hand Sanitiser (Pump 500ml)

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Spirigel™ complete is a low viscosity formulation that gives users the feel of a liquid hand disinfectant, whilst providing the benefits of a traditional alcohol gel. It offers greater control during application leaving no sticky residues on the hands. Spirigel™ complete brings together the benefits of a gel and liquid to provide complete protection for healthcare professionals:

Spirigel™ complete is shown to be active against many viruses (incl. norovirus), yeasts, mycobacteria and bacteria in a short contact time of only 15 seconds in the corresponding in vitro tests. This makes it highly beneficial for a busy healthcare environment.

500ml bottle with pump dispenser

Spirigel Complete is a 85% alcohol hand gel with integral pump dispenser bottle, ensuring correct dosage to minimise wastage and providing an extra level of protection.

- Suitable for use in hospitals, GP Surgeries, Dental or Nursing Homes
- Spirigel contains seven skin care ingredients such as Aloe vera and Panthenol, making it kind to skin
- Approved for both surgical and hygienic use
- Low viscosity formulation

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