POSSIBILITY Marshmallow Frosting Shower Gel 105ml, Creme Bath 105ml & 2x Bath Fizzer 30g Gift Set

Sale price€9.95


Possibility Gift Set with a Note

Set contains:

marshmallow frosting shower gel 105 ml

bath cream marshmallow frosting 105 ml

sparkling bath bombs, sugar foam 2x 30g

a note on which you can write who the gift is from/for

Gift dimensions: 20.5 cm x 18 cm.

This gift set is the perfect gift for any occasion!

Brand: Possibility of London

The opportunity to bring a refreshing sense of fun to the beauty industry. While other brands have the same image. Possibility brand offers a completely unique approach - all their products are inspired by desserts. Don't worry, you read that right, you can bathe in various compositions inspired by desserts.

Skincare products of high quality and surprising fragrance compositions.

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