Complan Original Flavour 425G

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Product features

  • Delicious vitamin and mineral fortified drink
  • Energy release on the go
  • Specially formulated with 26 vitamins and minerals

Product description

A well-balanced nutritional drink which can be used to complement your meals.

Complan original flavour is a nutrition rich vitamin drink which is formulated to provide you with a blend of 26 vitamins and minerals. This unique blend will help to support your body by giving you the extra nourishment you may need. Complan has been designed to help your body and your mind stay active and healthy - great nutrition is a key part of maintaining a healthy body at any age. Why not start by taking a fresh look at the nutrition you're getting and consider giving it a boost with great tasting Complan. A healthy, well-balanced diet will give you a helping hand with your daily activities and fitness.

Specially fortified with a combination of selected vitamins and minerals to support a balanced life, with only 250 calories per serving. Complan original flavour drink can keep you going throughout the day by providing you with essential carbohydrates and fats for slow release energy for the body.

Features of Complan original flavour 425g

  • Creamy and neutral flavour
  • Perfect to add to your favourite foods during cooking or enjoy as a healthy balanced beverage
  • Each serving is approximately 250 calories
  • Can be enjoyed as either a hot or cold drink
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives

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