Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Strips

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Product Information: 

Every brand has a hero product that drives it into mainstream recognition, and for Billion Dollar Smile that is their Teeth Whitening Strips. With multiple unfounded teeth whitening products on the market that fail to produce tangible results, these whitening strips are a refreshing change, offering a formula that makes your teeth noticeably whiter.

In just 30 minutes, the potency of these non-peroxide strips removes stains and and excess bacteria to reveal a pristine set of pearly whites. Highly effective and completely safe to use, they’re a seamless gateway to stunning teeth without worrying about long-term damage to your gums.

Whilst the formula gets to work on strengthening and whitening your teeth, you can enjoy the cooing sensation of mint as it energises your mouth. Coming with 28 strips, 14 for your lower and 14 for your upper teeth, the set provides everything you need to begin your journey to that killer smile.

How to Use:

Apply the non peroxide whitening strips to your upper and lower teeth for 15 - 30 minutes each day to reveal a whiter and brighter smile. Try to avoid staining food and drinks during the time you are using the strips.

Not suitable for children under 12 years old. If eye contact occurs rinse with warm water immediately. Do not use if you have ulcers, gum disease or after oral operations. Do not swallow the actual strip.


Glycerin, Aqua, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Chlorite, EDTA, Citric Acid, menthol


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