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Ardell individuals 56 individual eyelashes


Ardell individuals 56 individual eyelashes

The container includes 56 units of black lash tufts - 14 mm long. They are lightweight and flexible, which makes it possible to shape the eye and eyelid freely, independently from the actual eye shape. With these lash tufts, your look will gain definition and sex appeal. Lash lengths applied in the middle, visibly open and increase the size of the eye. Tufts are knot-free, which guarantees natural effect. When stuck to the external eye corner, they lift drooping eyelids, achieving a seductive look.

  • 56 pieces
  • 14 mm long
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy application
  • Long-lasting
  • High quality material
  • Shape eye and eyelid
  • Give seductive look
  • Natural effect
  • Knot-free
  • Long-lasting effect for up to 3 weeks

These tufts were made of specially prepared human hair. They are knot-free, which guarantees natural effect.

How to use: Apply as close to lash line, eyelid and your natural lashes as possible. We recommend Ardell Lash Grip or Ardell Duo glues - they are flexible and latex-based. Carefully put the ends of the tufts into the glue and apply to eyelid among your natural lashes using tweezers. We also recommend the connecting Ardell Lash Magic Mascara, which will additionally underline the cohesion with natural lashes, without weighing lashes down. It dissolves in water, which facilitates make up removal. During make up removal, delicately tear off lash tufts.

Result: Tufts open and increase eye. They make the effect of seductive look possible.