Here are some frequently asked questions regarding MEDSAVE – City Pharmacy’s membership scheme for low-cost generic medicines.

Are all prescription medicines included in this low-cost scheme?

No, only generic medicines are included in this scheme. Non-generic (i.e. branded) drugs are charged at the standard, yet competitive, rate.

How are you able to charge much less than most other pharmacies in Ireland?

Through negotiations with our suppliers we have been able to obtain discounts on our generic medicines which we are passing on to our customers.

Do I have to pay a subscription to join?

No. Unlike in other pharmacies where you must pay an annual subscription it is free to avail of our low-cost scheme. You will have to fill out a simple registration form available here or in store.

What exactly are generic medicines?

Generic medicines are lower cost versions of branded medicines. When a company creates a new drug they have a certain length of time during which no other company can copy their product (i.e. the drug is “patented”). This ensures they earn enough to cover the cost of creating the drug in the first place. Once the patent expires generic companies are legally entitled to copy this drug and can do so at a fraction of the cost. By law, generic drugs must be identical to the original drug in both effectiveness and safety. The only difference is that generic drugs cost the customer a fraction of the original drug.

What is the maximum quantity of medicines I can obtain with my prescription?

The maximum quantity of medicines you can obtain will depend on what your doctor has prescribed. In Ireland, no more than six month’s supply of any one medicine can be prescribed by your doctor at any one time. Each prescription is valid for six months from the date it was prescribed by your Doctor.

Can I buy more than one month's supply at a time?

Yes, you can buy as many months as are remaining on your prescription. As mentioned above, the maximum duration a doctor can prescribe for is six months on any given prescription. If the prescription is in date you may buy multiple months’ supply in one go.

Is it possible to use prescriptions from other countries?

Only prescriptions written within the EU are accepted in Ireland. The same restrictions apply to non-Irish prescriptions as to Irish ones (see questions 5 & 6 above).

Do you deliver medicines?

No, we currently do not provide a delivery service for prescription medicines.

Is it possible to have my prescription held in the pharmacy?

Yes, we can keep your prescription on file in store. You can then phone us up in advance whenever you need a fresh supply and your medicines will be in store awaiting your collection.

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